This new pizza dough is different from the old one, which was a ciabatta dough. Ciabatta dough is pretty fragile and requires a warm, steamy environment to come to life and working with it feels like being in a sauna. After thinking it over, I decided that making this dough in those conditions isn't practical. So, I'll only make it once a month instead of stopping it completely because some customers really like it.

I made a new pizza dough inspired by my time in an Italian pizzeria. It's easier to work with, sits for up to 78 hours, and doesn't need a special environment. Early feedback suggests it's tastier and has more crunch. Your thoughts are essential, as we always want to get better! Many thanks, Val 


MARGHERITA: wheat flour (gluten), tomato, mozzarella (milk), olive oil, oregano

NDUJA AND PEPPERONI: wheat flour (gluten), tomato, mozzarella (milk), Nduja, Italian Pepperoni, oregano

PROSCIUTTO E FUNGHI: wheat flour (gluten), tomato, mozzarella (milk), ham, mushrooms, olive oil, oregano

ONION AND PEPPER: wheat flour (gluten), tomato, fresh mix peppers, red onions, olive oil, oregano (VEGAN)

ONION AND PEPPER PLUS MOZZARELLA: same as above plus mozzarella (milk)


To enjoy your pizza, just put it in a metal tray in the oven directly from the freezer at 180 degrees Celsius for 15-20 minutes. Keep an eye on it until the mozzarella has melted to perfection, and the base firms up enough to lift it easily.