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    A vegan option, the fresh onion and mixed peppers pizzetta, is a delightful mini pizza that highlights the natural flavours and vibrant colours of plant-based ingredients. Crafted on a thin, hand-stretched crust, this pizzetta bursts with freshness and visual appeal while remaining entirely vegan. The base features zesty tomato sauce as a canvas for thinly sliced fresh onions and colourful bell peppers. As it bakes, the onions become tender, while the peppers maintain their vibrant crunch.

    This vegan pizzetta harmoniously blends the sweetness of onions with the tangy notes of peppers. Without any animal products, it's perfect for those who follow a vegan lifestyle, offering a satisfying and cruelty-free culinary experience. The fresh onion and mixed peppers pizzetta is a delicious choice for those seeking a plant-based twist on classic pizza flavours.

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