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  • Description

    Made with tomato risotto and a melty core of mozzarella.

    From fresh: 30 min @ 180

    From frozen: double the time

    Serve with salad

    A bit of history...

    Arancini is a diminutive of arancia, or 'orange'. The name, which is translated as "little oranges", derives from their shape and colour which, after cooking, is reminiscent of an orange.

    Arancine or arancini, according to the area of Sicily where you are, called female or male and they are found in all the bars and takeaways in Sicily and at all hours of the day.

    Whilst the origins of its recipe have not been exactly pinpointed, it is generally believed to date back to the Islamic domination of the island. With the arrival of the Arabs came the introduction of new spices and ingredients, like saffron, rice and sugar cane. Arabs were excellent farmers and traders who also introduced one of Sicily's most important produce: citrus fruits. It is believed therefore, that the first Arancino made by them was saffron infused rice ball dressed in herbs and meat.

    The crunchy golden exterior of the Arancino, came much later. The addition of breadcrumbs to the recipe was invented during the time of Federico II, where the necessity arose to make the dish more portable. The breadcrumb in fact, was an ideal solution which helped keep the rice ball intact and helped preserve the rice and condiment on the inside. This way could be taken on trips, on a hunt or into the field by farmers and would still be edible by lunchtime. Thus, the Arancino became one of the earliest forms of Sicilian take away food.

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